At Corus Health, five generations of care and community has helped us create a network of care patients. Our Continuum of Care helps us provide a comprehensive solution for in-home care with an intimate knowledge of the needs of our patients. Learn more about about our company and our patient-centered philosophy.

About Corus Health Home Care

Our mission at Corus Health, a Home Care and Home Health agency in Albuquerque, is to bring out the courage in others. We accomplish this through dedicated compassion for our customers, making choices with relentless integrity, constantly seeking to develop and maintain fiscal success, continually growing our team through assessment and coaching, and consistently striving for excellence and quality in all that we do.

We founded our home care and home health care agency on the concept of a Continuum of Care over 100 years ago and used our five generations of experience across the entire spectrum of healthcare to build a family-owned and operated company that has remained patient-focused. Our Continuum of Care is unique as it guides and tracks patients over time via a comprehensive array of healthcare services spanning all levels and intensities of care.

Home Care and Home Health agency in Albuquerque

Our vision has always been to imagine and create communities that delight our clients, while offering our team the most innovative tools and finest support. We do this to provide healing and hope to those in need, and to fundamentally change our industry to make it better able to positively impact our patients’ lives.

We possess an intimate knowledge of what a patient’s journey looks like—from where they’ve been, to where they’re going, and how that means we should care for them now. This makes us better equipped to treat patients in many different ways in their own home and over longer periods of time, and we are therefore aligned to help that patient achieve his or her goals and provide better quality of life. Simply, we can treat a patient better, which is what differentiates our home health care team from other service providers.

We’ve established an indispensable service to our patients, a network of care bridging the gaps that usually exist when multiple doctors and agencies are involved in coordinating patient care. And we do so in a way that is skilled, respectful and supportive during what is for many a difficult time.

Our Values

a Corus Health Home Care Provider sitting with patient inside an Albuquerque Home
  • Relentlessly exercise integrity
  • Deliberately invest in others by teaching
  • Consciously embrace collaboration
  • Furiously chase innovation
  • Constantly reach for excellence

Patient and their Families

Knowing that you’re making the right decision when it comes to your home health care needs can be an overwhelming task. Corus Health helps relieve that stress because when a patient comes into our care, we deliver professional healthcare with the experience of five generations under our umbrella. And because of that experience, we’re a part of a wide network of services that make it easy for patients and their families to count on a single provider for their at-home care and home health needs in Albuquerque New Mexico.

That’s due to the complete continuum of care we can offer our patients and their families across a broad spectrum of healthcare. Much like a “hospital without walls,” we can bridge the gaps that usually happen between hospital discharge and the transition to living at home. Plus, we can play an intimate role in improving a patient’s health because we’re able to provide that comprehensive care in the place where they want to be—home.

Our local Albuquerque Home Care team employs a comprehensive intake process and follows explicit protocols to take great care in learning about each patient’s individual journey—where they’ve been and where they want to go—so that we can best help them where they are now. That includes our Transitional Care Method, a group of transitional nurses who closely monitor each patient, helping them understand what to expect at each step in the process of their care, based on their health management plan. We also understand that time is often of the essence when it comes to home health care needs. Corus Health is equipped to send one of our nurses, or trained clinicians. We are able to send out our clinical staff 24/7 with care initiating with your input.

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Our experience across the healthcare spectrum gives us an intimate understanding of each patient’s individual journey. That patient-centered mindset helps our team facilitate the best care possible for them so that they—and their families—can start living a better quality of life now.

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As a healthcare professional, you want to ensure that the service provider you entrust your patients to is someone you can count on to provide the highest level of care. Learn how and why, over the past 100 years, the Corus Health network has become a highly trusted home health care provider.

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patients and their families

Patients and
their Families

Deciding how to care for yourself of for a loved one in need of transitional and home care can be difficult, even overwhelming. Corus Health provides comprehendive, patient-centered transitional home care services so you or your loved one can start living a better quality of life.

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